For four decades now, Fecovita has led a project based on values and integrity. Our origins were based on respect for every producer, through a vision of competitive and sustainable associativism. It was our essence and differential philosophy that allowed us to consolidate ourselves in the local market and to project ourselves into the world.
The success of our system is directly related to the protection of the environment, making rational use of natural resources, together with being committed to the place and the community in which we work.

Sustainability Report 2019


Our work originates in the vine, the meltwater, and the world´s most thriving terroir. Vineyard care is essential for the preservation of natural resources.


Economic sustainability is based on the relationship with the producers and their cooperative companies. This is how Fecovita passes the best possible value to its associates, through its products, with the purpose of maximizing their benefits. It is the merit of successful commercial management of its products, based on the combination of excellent quality and loyalty in trading channels and brands of recognized prestige and performance.


We are the biggest viticulture cooperative group in Argentina. We foster the development of the people that are a part of our cooperative system and of the community. We are a socially responsible value chain from the beginning. Our work is based on the values of competitive associativism, respect, commitment, and magnanimity for the benefit of the entire value chain.

Regulations and Certifications

We are constantly improving the quality of our products. We certify quality regulations to meet international quality standards throughout our entire production chain.

Ethics Code and Ethic Commerce

Our Ethics Code states the values needed to proceed in a right and respectful manner through our commercial and social project. We also have an anonymous complaint line.

Sustainable Finances

First financial trust labeled as social in Argentina. Report on the use of funds and social benefits.