The President’s words

Ing. Eduardo Sancho
President of Fecovita and Vine Producer

Those of us who integrate Fecovita are proud of being part of an organization that is built and consolidated by the producer families that form it, under the precepts of the social economy that prioritize people above capital; and to be united in solidarity by the humility, commitment, magnanimity and respect values.
We are a Company built out of Argentinian capitals having its roots in Cuyo, this pushing place; and it is from this place that we present ourselves to the world. Our cooperative DNA, which is based on commonwealth, fosters us to consolidate the sustainability of our value chain.
We are heading towards a future that is promissory and challenging at the same time. For this reason, we have the determined commitment to preserve our pillars, which were forged on the basis of competitive associativism.



Our mission is to optimize the value of the products delivered by our associates and to maximize their benefits while satisfying consumer expectations by flexibly managing our operation, and thus promoting the development of the people who integrate our cooperative system and that of the communities in which we operate.


To be Argentina´s top viticulture company and to grow at an international level by focusing on our main businesses and strengthening our cooperative system.



Essential for achieving a peaceful social interaction. We recognize ourselves in others, we accept and understand them.


We have a genuine interest in the work, in the human team, and the organization.


We accept and respect the opinion of every member as a part of the team, being opened to and capable of learning from others.


We are part of an organization with a history, which was thought big. We must be true to that spirit, and make it bigger, and project it to the future. It is about constantly acting with good intentions and doing better every time, without the limitations that human calculus sometimes puts on us. Because of that, we foster progress overcoming adversities of any kind.

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