Our People

We promote the development of the people who make up our cooperative system.

In FeCoVitA Co-op. Ltd. we understand that our mission achievement is bound to the development of individuals who are part of it: staff, producers, and members of the communities where we work, who reflect their effort on our products excellent quality, our cooperative system strengthening and the business growth, both domestically and internationally.

It is our human resources philosophy to provide our over than 580 employees and 5000 wine producers with resources to train them, encouraging, motivating and instructing them permanently to facilitate their opportunities for personal and professional growth, both individually and within the social groups they are a part of.


Our recruitment policy aims to fill each position with the most appropriate person for each post, providing a work environment that recognizes, encourages and promotes excellence in performance, professionalism and efficiency as engines for personal growth, and incorporating those who are willing to take this philosophy as a challenge in any of the levels they are part of and to demonstrate specific desires for being part of the country's largest wine family.